Licence RBQ 5597-6757-01

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Concrete Repair in Montreal Estimations

Concrete Repair Montreal

Béton Montréal Inc. is an entrepreneur in the concrete industry, specialized in the repair services of concrete structures.

We execute more than efficient concrete reparations and possess all of the permits, guarantees and insurances necessary to perform all kinds of reparations to commercial concrete structures in Quebec.

The proprietors of Béton Montréal Inc. are Pierre Biron (“Spécialiste-Répondant” –Expert Resource -- RBQ and Consultant in concrete) and François Pearson (Cementer). Béton Montréal Inc. is a member of ICRI (Concrete Repair International) since 1998. Our expertise is held relevant to today’s market by our many frequentations to prestigious conventions for the World of Concrete, and we are members of the patron association, AECQ and APECQ.

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Guarantee for our work

Our guarantee for our work is of a 3 year minimum and is conform to the national code of “bâtiment canadien” for all the services that we provide. We perform leveling with slabs of concrete, screeds, standardization of the pump, preparation of the concrete by scarification, and much more. When the time comes to replace the concrete, we perform complete, or partial, demolition of concrete structures, concrete casing, installation of steel reinforcement in concrete, supplying of concrete and concrete finishing.

1_foto1BÉTON MONTRÉAL INC repairs the concrete ceilings of interior garages.

  • Shotcreting on ceilings of indoor parking. Consolidation stone in walls and repair of foundation walls. Interior and exterior shotcrete with High or low velocity Alcon 341, KING or Mapei.
  • We perform concrete repairs including increasing capacities to do with composite materials. We perform repairs of vertical concrete structures of any kind, such as pillars and bridge decks, sheds and extrados and extrados of tunnels, bottoms of concrete pools, and other concrete structures. Béton Montréal Inc. does the repairs of coatings on the exteriors of concrete buildings.

We execute concrete restauration services, key in residential hands with REFEX BETON INC.

  • Concrete demolition, installation of reinforced steel, casing, concreting, concrete finishing, concrete pumping, anchoring cement or chemical cartridges with melted AMBEX. Reparation of concrete slab, screed, floors, sidewalks, balconies, stairways, steps. Aqua reactive polyurethane injection for sealing cracks in concrete, basements, cold joints, honeycombing in concrete.

Our construction subsidiary of Civil Engineering also does the projection of shotcrete King wet or dry and concrete finishing for Civil Engineering. We also perform work such as scarification of the concrete tiles in Montreal. Béton Montréal Inc. Innovates by developing methods and staying on the lookout for new products on the market. Béton Montréal Inc. is associated with Mapei since 12 years. We have access to a full range of products by MAPEI for concrete leveling and reparations.

Béton Montréal Inc. designs projects, while submitting the plans and specifications to the landlord for important decisions. In recent years, our achievements have demonstrated our ability to deliver outstanding projects.

BÉTON MONTREAL INC. also specializes in the leveling of concrete floors.

concrete-mixerOur services include the preparation of concrete from Blastrac, scarification, buffing, and polishing

  • We do the grinding of concrete floors with grindstone Diamatic (diamond) Smith, HTC and from National Diamond, and polishing of floors with silicate dust sealing hardener from National Silicates. Floor Coatings on interior floors, such as epoxy, urethane, polyurea for joints, grout self-leveling, underlayment or finish. We also install heating wiring systems