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The experience of Pierre Biron at your service

Pierre Biron is in his 24th year of involvement in the area of the concrete in Canada. Trained in business management at HEC Montreal, he was first representative in the concrete products at Ciment Miron 1986-1991. He developed an expertise in industrial and professional sales and business management. From 1992-1999, he was former director of sales in concrete repair at Ambex Technologies de Béton Inc.

His stint with that young company in development (7 years) help him to understand the basic formulations for concrete in concrete repair and in particular, mortar and shotcrete, the technology of cast cement and polymer injection concrete. He founded an investment firm in 1992 Méga-Brique Canada Inc. that he will convert in 1999 to devote full time in the distribution of concrete repair products with Alcon Technologies de réparation de béton Inc. from 1999 to 2007. In May 2008, he reoriented his life and his career by teaming up with François Pearson from Lachine. He creates Réfex Béton Inc. and becomes a contractor specializing in concrete repairs to the building by merging with the construction company Philippe Bourbeau Enr.

With the help of Mr. Pearson has extensive experience in building restoration, our achievements will be our major since the beginning of operations in May 2008. Repairs to a garage interior shotcrete to the Grey Nuns to the Ile St-Bernard. Repairing a garage interior by shotcrete in subcontracted to Landcorp (Sherbrooke W.). Rehabilitation of a ramp for the SPVM Ontario Street. Concrete repairs to the transborder hotel Axor Dorval Airport.

In 2009, repair of an outdoor parking for Hilton and repair of kitchen by leveling. Levellings hospitals Verdun, Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montreal, Repair and waterproofing residential foundation Lasalle. Strengthening structural wood framing and leveling. Miscellaneous repairs residential concrete foundations.

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